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Have some additional questions before jumping into the application process? No problem! We’ve got some frequently asked questions listed below, but if you’re still not getting your answers, connect with us through the form below or give us a call!


Here are some frequently asked questions

Can multiple kids ride together?

Absolutely! It will be dependent upon the accommodation of the driver’s vehicle as to how many can be transported at one time, in addition to the need for the co-riders being picked up and dropped off at the same location.

Can I book a ride directly through the app or do I need to fill out the application each time?

If it’s your kid’s first time riding, we’ll need to work through the application and connect via phone. After that, you are free to book through the app or on our website.

Can I setup a recurring ride for a regular activity?
  • Absolutely! That’s where BusyBee works best. You’ll want to speak with the Hive about getting a recurring booking setup so you can rest assured you don’t have to do individual, repeat bookings.
Is BusyBee similar to other national rideshare services?

Yes and No. We use similar technology for booking and monitoring rides, but with a layer of security and personalization that is unique to BusyBee. We’re also setting the bar for safe transportation of school-age kids where national rideshare companies simply cannot accommodate.

What if my kid needs to use the restroom while in the middle of a ride?

Unfortunately our driver’s cannot deviate from the assigned transit path for emergency and non-emergency stops. We apologize that we’re unable to accommodate unscheduled stops and would ask you to remind your kid that they should take care of any needs, such as a restroom break, before pick-up.

Is there an age limit?

We service kids ages 6-18 yrs old. No car seat-age riders can be accommodated.

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Need to file a complaint? Please visit the Pennsylvania Utility Commission (PUC) online complaint form. If you’ve not heard back in 15 days, please call (717) 787-7598.

Currently Serving the Lancaster PA Region

Spooky Nook Sports Complex, any of the dozens of dance and artistic studios, after-school transport – the Lancaster County region has so much to offer youth and we’re here for you.